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We design and produce the most advanced technology for detection products: metal detector, inspection mirror both for handheld and remote control, tactical inspection mirrors, bomb detection equipment. wireless DVR and mini video camera

Our world top research and developing team can offer the best solution in short time and satisfy our clients who has any harsh requirements and instruction. please contact us for latest models and upgrade detectors and security items.

R & D Team
Our research and developing team is the world best detector group who are the smart talents, they are proficient at responding to market changes swiftly and develop new items and our capacity to meet demands national and international orders quickly. we enter into detector industry over 20 years and focus underwater metal detector, cctv, security detector and search mirror's CEO who is an Electrical and Mold Engineer and has over 20 years internatioal business experience and as the HTML expert, our unique one to one communication email message is color and attractive. our developing skill and upgrade concept which are irreplaceable advantages for our partners in world market.

Our products are widely used at banks, securities exchange, governments, enterprises and factories for loss prevention, prisons, airports, stations, wharfs, schools, hospitals, residence communities, place of entertainments. and treasure hunting, detecting gold and under water hunting. Perfect Products and Excellent Customer Service and Fast Shipping is what you can expect when you purchase from us.

We also provide OEM service and have a strict quality control system. Whole process of the produce is guaranteed by ISO90001 : 2000 STANDARD.

The leading OEM products supplier run the OEM Metal Detector since 1999, The chief household consumer electronics and personal care products, matching center! base on perfect store management, QC control, logistics system, we are international leader and Asia's largest OEM supplier.

All the components factories have over 15 years supply history and they are the top supplier of underwater switch, rubber seals, ABS pole, LED flashlight, Circuit board.

We run import and export business since 1994 and can offer reliable shipping channel: sea, air or express mail delivery
different commodities we choose the best economy shipping for our clients reference and our package can for any weather condition.

Since 2002, we have exported handheld metal detectors to africa middel east and OEM products to UK and USA, the SHERLOCK DTS Pinpointer is the most popular detectors in Europ Perfect Products and Excellent Customer Service and Fast Shipping is what you can expect when you purchase from us.

This business model has been in operation for many years in the international market. Which means: according to the original units (brand units) commissioned a contract product development and manufacturing, with the original unit mark, the original unit sales or business co-operation mode of production.
OEM & Design service offered, Technological power and consummate establishments in manufacturing electronic products and other equipment. Specializing in developing, manufacturing Metal Detectors.
OEM production is risk minimization, effective investment which is the fastest way to increase brand market share,

  • OEM can save you upfront investment. New model development you must understand it, design, packing design, hardware parts mold, plastic mold and other expense. OEM for you to save a plant equipment. Typically, the production of a product, first of all have to build factories or hire plant, then a variety of production equipment, testing instruments, equipment purchase, as well as the production of a variety of consumables, such as: water, electricity, rates of consumption of finished product costs. OEM production of these costs can be avoided. OEM can reduce your management cost.

  • OEM can shorten your product time to market. You only need to buy from the OEM factory, and put your label on the products. Once you create the appropriate sales channels, and own brand, you will be able to sale the products very easy.

  • Specializes in OEM / ODM product development, production, after sale service to meet your specific requirement.

  • Offer the product designing, function development, computer programming, mold manufacturing and product assembly, is your best Metal Probe OEM supplier
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