SECURITY Super Scanner MD1001AV Made in China
Hand-Held Metal Detector
MD1001A V handheld super scanner. This is a unique design, handheld metal detectors, all imported high quality components produced high detection accuracy, simple operation, the exterior light Ying beautiful ,sonorous voice, has a boot detection alarm lamp and sound light automatic conversion function is especially suitable for demanding public places, or factories the detection sensitivity, airports, public security, frontier defense, courts, prisons, stadiums ,convention and exhibition venues, entertainment, stations, terminals and other industries of safety inspections; precious metals manufacturing and processing enterprises such as: jewelry. electronics, hardware, automotive companies, such as anti-theft check

The MD1001A V Super Scanner is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world. Originally designed for use at the 2010 World Expo ,and continually updated to meet evolving metal detection needs.

Ultimate sensitivity Detects medium sized pistol from 9" distance; large knife from 6"; razor blades and box cutters from 3" distance; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1".

Large 8" (20.3 cm) scan surface for quick, thorough scanning.All metal detection detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects.
Operating Temperatures: -35°F (-37°C) to 158°F (70°C)
Humidity To 95% non-condensing
Operating Frequency 95 kHz
Audio Frequency 2kHz Warble
Tuning Automatic
Indicators Speaker
LED indication
Green LED: Power ON
Amber LED: Battery LOW
Controls Power switch (ON / OFF)
Interference Elimination Momentary Switch
Battery Single 9 volt battery provides up to 60 hours of normal operation. Optional NiMH rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours on each 12-hour recharge.
Constant tone buzzer alarming when find the metal
Sensitivity: (80mm) 3 inch testing coin dim. (25mm) 1 inch
  1. Adjustable sensitivity
  2. One switch operation
  3. Heavy duty frame ,rugged ,high-impact case with reinforced coil compartment. ABS materials
  4. Audio tone changes as the metal size changes, It can distinguish the size of metal according to the sound from low to high. At the same time, this model also can locate the place of the metal , it is also the different from other security handheld metal detectors
    • With the metal close to the detector
      the alarm sound gradually increases
      Red LED brightness increases
    • With the metal away from the detector
      the alarm sound gradually decreases
      Red LED light brightness decreases
    • the alarm sound louder with the big metal size
      the alarm sound lower with the small metal size
  5. Momentary push button temporarily eliminates detection of nearby ambient metal such as metal Dimensions

Cycle Life: > 1200 times working: > 72hours

Width 3.25" 8.3 cm
Thickness 1.625" (4.13 cm)
Length 16.5" (42 cm)
Weight 17.6 oz. (500 g)
N.Weight: 13.5KG G.Weight: 18.0KG
Carton size: 56.5 × 31 × 46 cm

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