Why need metal probe? Differential advantages How to test metal probe?
Find gold and treasrue is not easy especially on land hunting. Metalprobe not only speed your recoveries but will also can help to locate the traget before hard digging. To pick out proper pinpointer we need to compare the current models that are available and learn how they differ in both features and performance. Undergroud metal detector has a larger search coil dia. 8-10 inch which acts as a general screening device to locate the target. In fact even the best underground metal detector the detection depth is limited. some top detectors can detecting 40 inchs depth for one coin Dim. 0.8 inch.
Our small tip metal probe is the best solution, only 2 kg Pressure can push the probe into the mud or sand this will help you to quickly isolate the target on the left or right, top or behind your probe, you have just push in 5 times to locate the target.
Metalprobe come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The more expensive units are genuinely offer more features.

when the detecting stem dia. less than 0.55 inch (14mm )
Metalprobe can push in & move in sand or earth no difficult.
( first unique )
Luminous Intensity 2000 - 25000 MCD Brightness Adjustable
  • single-handed lights switch
  • separate brightness adjustment knob
    Angle: 5~60
    Material: Optical Grade PMMA
    Working Temp.: -35~+90C
( second unique )

bright distance > 5-8 meters on-land and 3-5 meters underwater at night
Metalprobe is one body shell
+ arc-shaped design + rugged ABS material.
and shell average thickness over 4 mm,

so it will withstand impact and torque 20-30 kg,
and you can moving or digging in sand/mud and do not worry about broken.

( third unique )
metalprobe over lenght is only 7 inch / 18cm it can pass very narrow cave and easily turn 90 degree to be close to the target
The news is metalprobe lenght can be less than 6 inch model: MP2018 and metalprobe has been upgraded very year to meet the needs of professional treasure hunters
( fourth unique )
Pinpointer length over 22 cm is normally accepted by detector factory and sometime its the standard and this will sacrifice experience joyful

when pinpointer total length less than 9 inch will be challenge for faulty alarm
( fifth unique )
Underwater seal is totally different form on land detectors, external ON/OFF push-button must be able to withstand water pressure when the probe is underwater 60 meter.

Oil, acid, alkali, rot, gas will damage rubber seal, but metalprobe can detecting in any bad condition.

Metal Probes are used by hobbyists and professionals and are among the most popular choices for precision hunting.
Probe handle section dia. 1.7 inch ( 45 mm ) and overall length 7 inch. It can be connected with ABS telescopic handle (1-2 meters) to extend the detecting distance.
Protecting you for safety and who know what's the hidden dangers in the deep ditch when hunting in the wreck.
bottom of sea and lake are rugged, most groove deep over one meter / 3 feet, big coil underwater metal detector to hunting maybe a ridiculous dream to find gold and treasure. Please do not blind faith in the flat seabed can easy to find the gold coin, If there have ones which should has been pushed to the ditch by water flowing already. metalprobe can extend to 20 inch or even 5 feet by telescopic aluminum pole. ( sixth unique )
River, mud, sand, stone, sea, cement, wood wetlands are different media. Parameters are different from Soil - water - sand - stone and different medium to generate different magnetic field. media sensitivity adjustment is the effective solution to hunting small nuggets sensitivity stepless adjustment switch button on the control board: effective optimal detection results. It can hunting needle and metal grain ball dia. 0.2 inch ( 5 mm) only! ( seventh unique )
We offer the testing cardboard to be sure metal probe
is the qualified pocket metal detector for gold or treasure onland and underwater

Model Sensitivity ( gold nugget hunting ) buzzer ( dB )
Dim. 0.5 inch coin Dim. 0.2 inch grain
Waterproof    1 tip   
1.2 side
 0.03 tip   
0.04 side
in rain 75
Underwater 200 feet 35

Metalprobe CNC thread - it can under water from 6 feet to 300 feet, and has battey track, easy to put in. ( eighth unique )
Probe shell designed one round body & average thickness of 6mm, so it can fully able to withstand 100 meters underwater pressure ( ninth unique )
Metal probes will pass the most stringent test before put into market. both 7 inch and 12 inch probes can be underwater hunting 200 feet

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