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  1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing our metal detector. With this powerful and versatile device, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver anywhere. The detector is versatile and easy to use. This unit has an auto ground balance used in Disc and All metal Modes.
    • Fully automatic 每 a- turn 每 on 每 an d 每go 每 detector.
    • Zero Motion targeting function for 每 precisely locate a target.
    • View Meter 每 Can be used in a noisy area, where it is difficult to hear.
    • All Metal 每 push- key switch made of metal and metal identifying switch. These to parts particularly provides more convenience to the user.
    • No Clumsy Slack Cable 每 hidden search coil cable ( connecting between control unit and search coil ) avoid entangling and for ease of stem length adjustment.
    • Low battery alarm 每 automatic audio alarm and red power spot efficiently remind the user to change the battery in time.
    • Headphone Jack 每 provided for headphone connection. Both stereo or mono headphone can be used.
    • Waterproof search coil 每 lets you use the detector in the shallow water.
    • Adjustable stem- lets you adjust the detector's length for comfortable use. The micro- plug that connects the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal which makes the plug more reliable.
    • Armrest & stem- designed to eliminate strain on forearm. The nylon bracket to further secure the slip of the hand compartment after long time holding the detector by arm.
    • Power 每 use six 1.5Volt AA alkaline batteries.

  2. Parts and Names

    1. Sealing
    2. Armrest
    3. Armrest Stem
    4. Adjustment
    5. Control panel
    6. Handlery compartment
    7. Controller unit
    8. Knob Nut
    9. Main Engine
    10. Upper Stem
    11. Stem lock Nut
    12. Lower Stem
    13. Search Coil Knobs
    14. Search Coil Assembly
    The metal detector is intended for finding of black, color metals, (including gilded and nuggets), based in soil at depth up to 200 cm for big objects and possibility of searching in water at depth up to 40 cm to (submersion of metal detector) The instrument has a system Pinpoint for discovering purposes. Motion Detector, Auto turning of soil, Level to discriminations, Built-in speaker, Feeding 2×9 V, Output on earphones. This metal detector comprises of itself all comforts of adjustment. Adjustments: Ground Balance - auto, Discrimination, Sensitivity - depth, Battery test.

  3. Preparation
    1. Assembling the detector
      You don*t need any special tools to assemble your metal detector. All you need is a small Philips 每 head screw driver. After unpack your detector, you may start the following assembling and adjustment.
      1. Rotate the STEM LOCK NUT (11) Clockwise until loosens.
      2. Slide the UPPER STEM (12) towards the SEARCH COIL (14) as indicated by an arrow until you can see a micro- plug metal connector. Pull out the plug so that you can hold it on your hand.
      3. Locate the micro- jack connector in the HANDLE ASSEMBLY (6). Connect the plug and the jack together and care of alignment marks showing on the surface of the jack and plug.
      4. Slide the UPPER STEM (10) towards to the CONTROLLER UNTI. Cares should be taken for the direction of the cut slot (of the upper stem) which should be pull underneath the support of the controller unit.
      5. Tighten the KNOB NUT which is located under the CONTROLLER UNIT (7)
      6. Adjust the LOWER STEM (12) so that when you stand upright with the detector in you hand, the SEARCH COIL (14) is level with and about 1/2 to 2 inches above the ground with your arm relaxed at your side
      7. Tighten the SETM LOCK NUT (8) in reverse direction (counterclockwise) to lick it in place.
      8. Loosen the SEARCH COIL KNOBS (13) at the SEARCH COIL ASSEMPLY (14), then adjust the search coil to the desired angle. ( The Search Coil should be parallel with the ground.) Tighten the knobs just enough to keep the search coil from rotating or wobbling.
      9. Loosen the 1 screws at the bottom of the ARMEST. Adjust the armrest so that it should be near to the end of your forearm. Tighten the 1 screws in the reverse direction.

    2. Installing batteries
      You need 6 1.5V AA alkaline batteries to power your detector.
      1. Turn the Disc dial anticlockwise to the OFF position to make sure that the detector is OFF.
      2. Slide the battery cover away from the BATTERY COMPARTMENT (9)
      3. Insert 6 new batteries into the BATTERY COMPARTMENT. Cares should be taken for the polarities symbols (+and- ) which are marked on the connection terminals of the detector and the batteries. The polarities of the battery must be matched with the polarities of the terminals.
      4. Replace the battery cover.
      • Use only fresh batteries and always replace the old batteries by fresh batteries.
      • Do not mix old and new batteries, different types of batteries (standard, alkaline, or rechargeable), or rechargeable batteries of different capacities.
      • Dispose old batteries promptly and properly.
      Low battery alarm
      When indicator twinkles and speak ... do... do... user has to replace the battery.
    3. Using a headphone
      You should always use a headphone whenever you search with your metal detector. Headphone is especially useful in noisy area, such as the beach and near city area. It enhances audio perception by bringing the sound directly to your ears while masking 'outside' noise interference. You shall be amazed at how much better you can hear the detector signals with the headphone than you can with the speaker alone. Using headphones also save battery power.
      To connect a headphone to the detector, insert the headphone's 1/8 inch plug into the HEADPHONE JACK.

    The detector's internal speaker will be disconnected when you connect a headphone.

  4. Functions and indicators
      The pointer will swing to the right as the unit has made a detection
    2. DISC
      You can rotate the control from low to high to discriminate between metals.
    3. SENC
      When you rotate the SENS from on to high, the sensitivity is gradually increased. In general use, you can set the SENC to a higher position. But in mineralized area, or area with electrical interference, it's better to lower the SENS.
      ALL- Search for all kinds of metal objects without discrimination
      DISC- The mode DISC can facilitate in your search and discriminate the target type.
    5. TARGET To pinpoint the target. Press this button to lower the sensitivity automatically and to locate the target.
  5. Operation
    Your detector has 3 operation modes: ALL, DISC, TARGET. This three' are motion modes. You have to move the search coil to find your target.
    1. ALL. usually is used in general searching . In this mode, the unit will respond all kinds of metal. This mode cannot discriminate metal type.
    2. DISC. can help you to search and discriminate the target type. When mode switch is in DISC mode, DISC knob is used to control the discrimination range. When DISC is set to zero, unit will respond to any metal object with a tone. Slowly rotate the control clockwise to high position to reject more objects you don*t want. The unit will sound a tone, or even be silent to ferrous metal objects. This means the ferrous metal is rejected. Rotate the control further clockwise, nickel, zinc, and copper will be rejected. When more again, most metal objects are rejected, except silver.
    3. TARGET. The operation mode TARGET is non- motion mode. It works together with ALL mode to pinpoint the target accurately at a lower sensitivity. Set MODE switch to ALL, hold the search coil 50CM or more away from the ground. Press and hold down the TARGET button. Sweep the search coil slowly over the search area and then you will hear a constant sound when the coil approaches the target, release the button, wait one or tow seconds, the press and hold down the TARGET again, and the unit's sensitivity reduces along with. Sweep the search coil like the coil is the first time, and this time you will hear the sound once more only when the coil is more close to the target, release the button here. Repeat the above steps until the unit only sounds in a coil- size. Area, thus you pinpointed the location and the target should be under your search coil.
      Keep the search coil moving at a comfortable rate. TAKE YOUR TIME. If you walk too fast you cant overlap yours sweeps and you'll miss a lot of ground. Also if you sweep too fast, you'll lose sensitivity and miss the target.
      Keep the search coil parallel to and as close to the ground as practical. This is important for maximum coverage and depth. If you're hunting on a lawn you can rub the coil right on the grass. Overlap you sweeps approximately 50%

      Search in a methodical manner sweeping in a tight semicircle. Pay close attention to where you're going and where you've been.
      Below are few basic rules you should follow while using your metal detector. Always get permission to hunt on private property.
      • Always leave a site cleaner than you found it. Take at least some trash with your or, if you can, take it all..
      • Always fill in your holes neatly whether you're in a city part or remote wilderness. Leave the land as it was before you disturbed it.
      • Always obey all laws relating to treasure Hunting.
      • Always return valuable property if you can locate the original owner.
      • Always to what ever you can to five the hobby of Treasure Hunting the good image if needs and deserves.
      • National Forest and Federal lands, State part and lands.
      • Corps of engineers, Lakes, shorelines and lands.
      • Because of Land Management (BLM) Lands
      • City or country park lands and public school grounds.
    Your detector do not require a lot of care, but where are few things your should do to keep it in operating condition.
    - if you're not going to use it for while, take the batteries out.
    - avoid extreme temperature like inside a closed car sitting in the sun.
    if you 'scrub' the search coil on the ground, you'll eventually ware off the bottom. Coil replacement are expensive. Instead, invest in an inexpensive coil cover ( or called the skid plate ).
    - Put a rain- rest cover over the control housing if you are hunting in rain, fog or dust.
    - keep detector dry and clean. Wipe off the lower stem before sliding into the upper stem and keep the lock nut treads free of sand and dirt.
    1. Battery: 6×1.5V AA alkaline batteries.
    2. CURRENT× STANDBY~30mA ~ MAX~80mA
    3. VOLTAGE RANGE: 7.2~ 9.6V
    4. FREQUENCY: 5.5KHZ
    5. SENSITIVITY: Min. 25cm (Test Coin: USDØ50)
    6. TEMPERATURE RANDE: - 20°C ~60°C
    7. SIZE: 540× 345× 150
    8. GROSS WEIGHT: 2.5KG
    9. NET WEIGHT: 1.1KG

To all residents of the European Union Important environmental information about this product This symbol on this unit or the package indicates that disposal of this unit after its lifecycle could harm the environment.

Do not dispose the unit ( or batteries ) as unsorted municipal waste : it should be brought to a specialized company for recycling. This unit should be returned to your distributor or to a local recycling service. Respect the local environmental rules. If in doubt, contact your local waste disposal authorities.

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