Metalprobe ® Underwater Metal Detector

Underwater Metal Detector MD3080 Specifications:
  • Detection depth: 50 cents = 18cm
  • Detecting length for underwater: =40m
  • Power supply: 1 piece of 9V battery
  • Current consumption: 16mA (stand by current)
  • Operation temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Adjustable handles: 104 - 124 cm
  • Size of search head: 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Application:
    Treasure hunters
    Sports divers
    Underwater construction companies for pipeline or cable locating functions
    Underwater search and recovery teams
    Military and law enforcement personnel

    Packing 10PCs/carton, Gross weight 33KG
    • Treasure Chest Underwater Metal Detector.
    • A great portion of lakes, rivers and oceans remain relatively untouched.
    • It has been said that more than 75% of shipwrecks had occurred before the last century and many of these have gone unexplored with underwater metal detectors, it has become much easier to explore sunken treasures.
    • It is RoHS compliant and it carries CE approvals.
    • sable underwater to 40 metres safely, the Treasure Chest Underwater Metal Detector is designed for hunting in deep water, surf and shallow waters as well as hunting on land with equal sensitivity.
    • Special unique features and the full protection of the encapsulated double impermeable designed aluminium casing allows these detectors to search in the water to recover hundreds of thousands of coins, relics, rings, and jewellery beyond the reach of the standard or all-purpose land metal detectors.
    • Designed for both salt and freshwater environments, the underwater metal detectors can satisfy any special needs of the marine treasure hunter. When the unit detects metal targets, a red light appears and an alarm begins to ring.
    • It has a full range of varying metal detecting functions and has the advanced function of a fully adjustable target elimination capability to eliminate ferrous metals
    • Features:
      1. Waterproof and compact design
      2. Excellent for treasure-hunting in the sea/underwater while diving
      3. Submersible to a maximum depth of 40 metres
      4. Aesthetic outlook, aluminum material increases safety factor
      5. Adjustable sensitivity control
      6. Can be set to ignore small metal pieces while looking for larger objects
      7. Fully adjustable target elimination capabilities to eliminate "trash"
      8. Easy start up operation
      9. Red light and audible alarm
      10. Headphone ear cups have heavy duty polymer surrounds and noise blocking features
      11. Automatic low voltage alarm
      12. Adjustable handles for comfortable use
      13. Audible alarm and visual red LED flash
      14. Aluminum control tube instead of plastic box
      15. Discriminates between different kinds of metals

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