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12 inch double flashlights and one body case metalprobe which is Super Metal Detector Pinpointer designed to precisely pinpoint metallic (ferrous and nonferrous - responds to all metals ) objects during treasure recovery.

It will not only ability to detect and pinpoint small nuggets but will also save you from possibly damaging a valuable find by not hitting it with your digging tools.

300 mm probe length is designed to be used as an aid to target location. It is intended for use in conjunction with a ground search metal detector to aid in the recovery of metallic targets.

Audible with LED and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects. With a pinpointing tip plus side-scan capability and mainly for precious metals in very small size 3 mm / 0.12 inch

MP2017A work in rain and MP2017B hunting underwater 60 feet The Metal Probe is intended for use in conjunction with a ground search metal detector to aid in the recovery of metallic targets. MP2017 has audible with LED and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects.
 With a pinpointing tip plus a scraping blade with side-scan capability.

MP2017 is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of metallic objects. Double LED flashlights assists in dark and low light conditions. It is ideal for the recovery of small items in a wide variety of hunting conditions, material ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater-saturated sand.
Tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated Emissions: Conforms to international standards: CE mark lEC, NILEC, FCC, RoSH. Medically tested and approved No risk to persons with pacemakers or pregnant women. No interference to magnetic recorded material.
Model: MP2017A Model: MP2017B
Feature an indispensable tool to:
  1. Underwater hunting ( Model: MP2017B )
  2. Speed target recovery
  3. Accurately find small objects
  4. push into ground without digging
  5. Locate nails and metal wall studs in homes
  6. Identify multiple objects in near proximity
  7. Search in tight interior areas such as walls
  8. Ceilings Constant tone over the targets
  • Power indicator: Green LED
  • Constant tone over the targets
  • Case construction: High impact ABS or white Polycarbonate
  • Power source: 1 x 9 volt block alkaline or rechargeable battery or adaptor
  • Low battery power warning, the red LED will flashed and you will hear short "Bip! Bip!" sound.
  • Search sensor: Detection area that is the entire length, circumference and tip of the detection probe
  • Rugged push button latching switch Ingress protection (dust and moisture protection and resistance): IP67
  • Alarm indicator: LED+ Buzzer or LED + Vibration alarm
  • Gently push the On/OFF button - send SOS distress signal
  • Double LED flashlights assist in dark and low light conditions Brightness Adjustable.
Specification Metal Probe - Treasure Gold Hunting Pinpointer
Operating Temperatures: -30°F(-35°C) to 150°F(68°C)
Underwater Distance: 5~30 feet 30~100 feet 100~300 feet 300~500 feet UP
Operating Frequency: 105kHz
Tuning: Automatic
1. Buzzer alarm ( waterproof model: Min sound output dB 70 )
2. Silent / Vibration ( Motor rpm 15000 )
3. LED Alert Lights Green: Power ON
Red: Alarm condition
Controls: Power Operation: On ⇒ LED + Buzzer alarm ⇒ LED + Vibration alarm ⇒ LED torch light ⇒ Off
Battery: Single 9 volt 1200mAh battery provides up to 500 hours of normal operation.
Optional Li-ion  rechargeable battery 580mAh provides up to 250 hours on each 3 hour recharge
Dimensions: Length: 12" ( 300 mm)
Diameter: Probe end: 1.5cm ( 0.7 inches )
Handle End: 4.8 cm (1.8 inches)
Thickness: 0.24 inch (6mm) tapered to 0.12 inch ( 3 mm )
Scan Area: 8" ( 200 mm ) long; 360° plus tip
Weight: 185grams (6.5 Ounces) without battery
Package: 50PCs/Carton and Gross Weight: 10KG ( with holster and charger and Plugs)

Model ID LED
0.6 coin
Waterproof / Underwater buzzer
( dB )
protection cover
MP2017A Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 feet 1.2 inch tip  
1.5 inch side
On land detecting only
( it can be used in rain )
MP2017B Yes Yes Yes Yes 20 feet 1.2 inch tip  
1.5 inch side
Underwater 30 feet 35

Metal Probe has Two buttons and 2 switches

Button 1: power ON/OF and control alarm mode ( side of probe )
Switch 3: sensitivity adjustment ( in handle grip )

Button 2: Flashlight ON/OFF ( in handle grip )
Switch 4: brightness adjustment ( in handle grip )
  1. Full-Time Power ON: If you need probe on all the time without holding the pushbutton down just turn Power button On press and release the power button while holding the metalprobe away from metallic objects. The green LED will illuminate and two brief audio beeps will occur, indicating the metalprobe is ready for use.

  2. The Probe has an unique multifunction control button which can switch power ON/OFF - LED & audio - LED & vibrate alerts - Camera ( Option ) or Flashlights
    1. The speaker provides a clear audible sound whenever metal is detected.
    2. The vibrator motor activates when a metallic target has been detected.
    3. Flashlights turn on when you in darkness
    4. The wireless Camera can transfer the hunting process signal and record the scene by 5 inch DVR ( Option )

  3. Once you have located a target with your ground search metal detector,you do not need dig the recovery hole and you just push the probe into to sand or mud and move circle our metalprobe very sturdy wand and you do not worry broken when pushing

  4. Instructions:
    1. Open up the end cover, go to threshold control (tuning) and keep probe away from metal.

    2. If your unit is already sounding off, turn threshold knob clockwise until the sound stops.

    3. If you want to set it at maximum sensitivity, turn threshold knob more counterclockwise until you start to hear slight "Di Di".

    4. If your unit is silent when you first turn it on, turn threshold knob counterclockwise until you hear slight "Di Di".

      When the unit is in the audio mode, the vibra will be disengaged. The red LED will light up when you get near a target.

  5. Recovery method: first, sweep with your ground search detector to confirm where the object is.
    1. Huting in Sand - move circle from deep to shallow ( our probe detecting bar dia. only 0.5 inch )
    2. Huting in mud - push the probe into the earth as triangle position every time and move from left to right and back to forth
    3. During the detecting you can move away from the media little by little to know the exact location
    4. After confirming where is the metal you can dig a very small hole to pick it up. First locating send digging is your probe unique advantage.
    Air, water, mud and sand are different media, You need adjust sensitivity to the max - put probe tip under media depth 1 inch and turn the sensitivity switch "S".
    • Before detection, sensitivity must be tuned for maximum sensitivity-critical point, sensitivity adjustment and setting can help you to detecting more deeper and accuracy, to do so, Please press On/off button to power on and follow the instruction bellow:

    Switch the detector on by pressing the power button while holding the detector away from any metallic objects. To avoid canceling out the target, do not turn on the Probe while it is adjacent to the target. The Green Power LED will illuminate and one brief audio beep will occur, indicating the probe is ready for use.
    you need adjust sensitivity when you hunting in different media eg. →
    Please put probe 1 inch in mud or sand or water adjust Sensitivity before hunting.
    Threshold Control: Tunes probe and adjusts the sensitivity level of the probe.
    Sensitivity Adjustment: find yellow copper button S on the Control Board turn left for max sensitivity and turn clockwise is for less
Double LED flashlights Single LED flashlight ABS Cover The cover has tighten slot
do screw tighten with coin
do not worry about broken

Skidproof flower - lined heat shrinkable tube ( different color )
Slip sleeve
test card

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