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World smallest Underwater Metalprobe® Model: MP2016B
Metalprobe is a hand-held metal detector designed to precisely pinpoint metallic (ferrous and nonferrous) objects during treasure recovery. Probe is intended for use in conjunction with a ground search metal detector to aid in the recovery of metallic targets. It has LEDs and audible and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects. With a pinpointing tip plus a side-scan capability, double LED flashlights (brightness adjustable) helps illuminate targets in dark and low light conditions.

Metalprobe is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of metallic objects. Detecting wand Dia. only 0.5 inch, It will not only help you locate your finds quickly during recovery, but will also save you from possibly damaging a valuable find by not hitting it with your digging tools.
Ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater saturated and you will find metalprobe to be an indispensable tool to:
  • Accurately find grain precious metals
  • Prevent digging big holes before locating the objects
  • Speed target recovery, move in sand mud no difficulty
Holster − The convenient holster helped secure the metalprobe to any standard size belt.
Top cap − White PVC cap can protect probe tip when hard digging and 9PCs/probe for replacement.

MP2016D Work Manual

MP2016B Work Manual
  • recovery - detecting gold grain dia. 0.3 inch or steel ball dia. 0.2 inch in a wide variety of hunting conditions.
  • durability − based on one body molding technology − will provide years of reliable operation even in rugged environments.
  • underwater - is fully standard waterproof, fully protecting it from the environment and allowing it be washed under water or operated in the rain.
The metalprobe is a non-motion, all metals will be detected including ferrous and non-ferrous. This enables you to remain stationary over a target with continuous audio and vibration response.
Detector Name: Underwater Metal Probe
Model: MP2016B ( underwater 6 meter / 20 foot ),
MP2016D ( underwater 30 meter / 100 foot)
Operating temperatures: -22F (- 30C) to 158F (70oC)
Operating Frequency: 10 kHz
Standards tuning: Proportional audio / vibration pulse rate
Sensitivity Adjustment Manual Stepless switch
Flashlight Brightness Manual Stepless switch
Length: 7 inch ( 185 mm)
Thickness: 0.16 - 0.24 inch ( 3-6 mm)
Weight: 8 oz. (220g) (without battery in)
Battery: Single 9V ( alkaline or rechargeable Li battery )
Battery Life: 48 hours ( battery capacity 300mAH )
Built-in battery Life: 72 hours ( battery capacity 600mAH )
Rechargeable: 4-6 hours

Double LED flashlights can be controlled by independent Light button in the handle grip.

  1. Built-in lithium battery
  2. 9V rechargeable battery
  3. Alkaline battery
unless client specific to use removable battery, all metal probe battery is Built-in lithium battery

Audible Low Battery alert:
When the battery is becoming low, the probe's battery condition is continually monitored automatically, the flashlights will be darker . and sound will be lower which indicates that the detector's 9V battery should be replaced or charged as soon as possible.

The battery compartment is keyed to only accept battery contact in the proper position. If a 9V battery is improperly installed, no circuitry damage will occur. However, it is important to observe the polarity of the battery and the metalprobe battery compartment to ensure operation.

Underwater deepth: 20 - 90 - 200 feet
Control Board:
Open cover metalprobe has two buttons and two switches:
  1. Button - Power ON/OF and control alarm mode ( out side of probe )
  2. Button - "F": Flashlight ON/OFF ( in handle grip )
  3. Switch - "S": sensitivity adjustment ( in handle grip )
  4. Switch - "B": brightness adjustment ( in handle grip )

  1. Full-Time Power ON: If you need probe on all the time without holding the pushbutton down just turn Power button On press and release the power button while holding the metalprobe away from metallic objects.
    The green LED will illuminate and two brief audio beeps will occur, indicating the metalprobe is ready for use.

  2. The Probe has an unique multifunction control button which can switch power ON/OFF - LED & audio - LED & vibrate alerts - Flashlight or Camera ( option )
    1. The speaker provides a clear audible sound whenever metal is detected.
    2. The vibrator motor activates when a metallic target has been detected.
      ( Use this feature if you want to see LED flash over target instead of audio )
    3. The wireless Camera can transfer the hunting process signal and record the scene by 5 inch DVR ( Option )
    • probe underwater switch can normal working even deep than 30 feet.

    • We will adjust compressive strength ( here after calling "CS" ) for probe switch to follow with your specific instruction

    • underwater 1-1.5 meter ( 3- 5 feet )
      - is the safty deepth
      underwater 1.5-2 meter ( 5- 6 feet )
      - attention breathing
      underwater 2-10 meter ( 6- 30 feet )
      - with oxygen bottles
      underwater 11 meter ( 36 feet )
      - for professional hunters

      Underwater CS grade
      1-2 meter 1
      2-5 meter 2
      5-8 meter 3
      8-10 meter 4
      10-20 meter 5
      20-50 meter 6
      50-100 meter 7

    • Once you have located a target with your ground search metal detector,you do not need dig the recovery hole and you just push the probe into to sand or mud and move circle our metalprobe very sturdy wand and you do not worry broken when digging
  3. Instructions:
    1. Open up the end cover, go to threshold control (tuning) and keep probe away from metal.

    2. If your unit is already sounding off, turn threshold knob clockwise until the sound stops.

    3. If you want to set it at maximum sensitivity, turn threshold knob more counterclockwise until you start to hear slight "Di Di".

    4. If your unit is silent when you first turn it on, turn threshold knob counterclockwise until you hear slight "Di Di".

      When the unit is in the audio mode, the vibra will be disengaged. The red LED will light up when you get near a target.

  4. Recovery method:
    First, sweep with your ground search detector to confirm where the object is.
    Air, water, mud and sand are different media, You need adjust sensitivity to the max - put probe tip under media depth 1 inch and turn the sensitivity switch "S".
    1. Huting in Sand - move circle from deep to shallow ( our probe detecting bar dia. only 0.5 inch )
    2. Huting in mud - push the probe into the earth as triangle position every time and move from left to right and back to forth
    3. During the detecting you can move away from the media little by little to know the exact location
    4. After confirming where is the metal you can dig a very small hole to pick it up. First locating send digging is your probe unique advantage.

    Hope you will be lucky and happy underwater treasure hunting in summer
  1. Do not affix metallic labels (or any material that might cause the detector to alarm) to the detection area of the probe. Doing so might cause an imbalance within the detection field and thereby reduce scanning effectiveness.

  2. Remove the alkaline battery when the probe is to be stored for more than 0 days.

  3. Cleaning Your probe to remove dried dirt, mud or other debris from your probe, simply hand-clean it with soap and water and a soft cloth. Rinse with running water. Do not use any type of abrasive or chemical cleaners which could scratch or erode the surface of your detector.

  • Metalprobe warrants to the original consumer purchaser that your Metalprobe will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for two years (24 months) from the original date of purchase.

  • Factory Service Pack the detector carefully and include full details concerning its problem

  • Allow approximately one week for technicians to examine and repair your instrument.
    Please email at metalprobehotmail.com if you have further questions.

    International Customers Customers outside the Hong Kong must contact the retail outlet where their product was purchased to arrange for repair or warranty service.

  • The warranty is non-transferable.
    The warranty excludes batteries and wear on probe housing.
    Opening the electronics housing and tampering will void warranty.
    If your metalprobe fails due to defects in material or workmanship,
    Also excluded is a metal probe that has been abused, altered, or repaired by an unauthorized party.
    Metalprobe will repair or replace at its option all necessary parts without charges for parts or labor.
    Your warranty registration card information must be sent in 10 days from date of purchase to validate your warranty.
Please fulfil the Warranty card and email to us
To: metalprobe(at)hotmail.com

Warranty details:
  • 2 years Limited (Items excluded are batteries, shipping costs and damage due to abuse, corrosion, modifications).
  • Please read owner's operation manual books click
  • Every probe has been marked with serial number separately so do not remove any label and sign on the parts

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