Under Vehicle Search Mirror - Universal Angle - Detectable minimum height only 2.5 inch ( 6 cm ) contact
Model: MD2008M
Dia. 300×300mm
Portable Under Vehicle Search Mirror with wheels is designed for a long time searching of the bottom of the vehicle design, table, chair, the underside of vehicles and other necessary objects.

Search Mirror are used by EOD technicians,
EOD Techs such as under vehicle inspections and airplane ordnance disposing provide highly trained, mission ready and mobile Explosive Ordnance Disposal support to safely eliminate explosive hazards to personnel and property, on land and underwater for vehicle or for aircraft
law enforcement agencies, security guards and facility inspectors.

Applications of under vehicle search mirror:
  1. Airport truck security - screen vehicle before allowing access to the packing area and the plane.
  2. Building car security - screen vehicle entering a particular building, such as a school, office or prison.
  3. Event vehicle security - screen vehicle entering a sporting event, concert or other large gathering of people.
Model: MD2008N
size: 340280mm

Detectable minimum height: 2.5inch ( 6cm ) only

The IP65 level waterproof MD2008M search mirror provide large lens and brighter lighting source and upper flashlight Focal length can be adjusted. All parts is ABS and Aluminum design that prolong the usage.

300*300 mm and 340*280 mm rectangular low profile convex mirror to offer 2 times view of undercarriage. this mirror was specifically chosen for its low-profile convex shape that provides a more realistic image, unlike the images normally associated with many convex mirrors.

High intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror, convex-shaped 2-fold amplification effects are common with the size of the mirror glass half weight, has a certain toughness, not easy broken, safe, durable, light and glass the same mirror.

Thickness 5mm ABS mirror bottom tray and surrounded by 2mm thickness Rubber Seal, can effectively prevent the collision caused damage to the mirror. Insure the connecting the fixed pulley and mirrors

Aluminum grip rod long-term use of non-bleaching, non-smell, harmless to the human body. Cotton with a black foam grip, grip feeling good, Fit a long time operation. With retractable rod, Mirror turning 180 + 360 degrees and grip rod turning 180 + 360 degrees around the joints designed to maximize the Depth to the detection of vehicles and goods. To enhance the specially designed convex mirrors image reflection, the mirror is tilted towards the operator, providing a direct ,clear view of the image.

The use of high-quality Aluminum and Stainless steel connector structure and multiple high-intensity processing, light, firm, and nice look.

Easy handling convenient operation:
Forearm supports and Skidproof grip handles provide precise control and minimize operational fatigue. The Search Mirror are easy to assemble, easy to maintain and easy to store.

Telescopic pole can be extended up to 63 in. (160 cm) in length.  we can offer 7 feet ( 2.18 meters) It can be maneuvered to view areas that are far-removed or difficult to access, such as attics and false ceilings. MD2008M and MD2008N is perfectly balanced to look around corners using one hand while leaving the other hand free for personal protection.

Our easy-to-use MD2008M mirror is compact, consisting of a 5-piece telescopic, and MD2008N 4 pices telescopic spanner, lightweight Aluminum pole. This model is ideal for general use; compact and lightweight, it can be carried anywhere.

Our products can be folded rod, fixed after a good one person can be put away. Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection. Materials are in line with the overall process Rhos standards, suitable export to other countries.

Model: MD2008M Model: MD2008N Portable trestle
Mirror Material: Acrylic Lens
Diameter 300mm convex mirror:
Rods Lenght: 19" to 63" ( 48 cm to 160 cm )
Rotational telescopic pole ( 5 pc. )
Wheels: 4PCs Deluxe swivel caster wheels
Rod: Aluminum
Lighting Source: Two LED Flashlights
Mirror Material: Acrylic Lens
Diameter 340*280mm convex mirror:
Rods Lenght: 23" to 67" ( 59 cm to 170 cm )
Spanner telescopic pole ( 4 pc. )
Wheels: 4PCs Deluxe swivel caster wheels
Rod: Aluminum
Lighting Source: Two LED Flashlights
A: Max Rods Length: 48cm C 160cm
B: Max Rods Length: 59cm C 170cm

Packing size: 40×35×7 cm
Unit weight: 1.5KG

C: Max Rods Length: 30cm C 218cm
Convex mirror

caster wheels

180º Knobs

Rubber Seal

Armrest ( option )


lower flashlight

upper flashlight
side flashlight ( option )

720 degree Flashlight
lower trestle

360 degree
upper trestle

Nylon Hard Bag

Nylon Hard Bag
Portable trestle (A)
Portable trestle (B)
Portable trestle (C)
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