Model: MP-7.8W Security Poket Handheld Metal Detector. It is rugged, compact, simple and comfortable tactical detector to operate. It has audible with LED and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects.

Conforms to international standards: CE mark lEC, NILEC, FCC, FAA. Medically tested and approved No risk to persons with pacemakers or pregnant women. No interference to magnetic recorded material.

It has a detection area that is the entire length, circumference and tip of the detection probe, offering the user a very efficient and fast way of carrying out a search procedure in any weather or challenging environment, yet small and light enough to wear on the belt. Designed for frontline operational, law enforcement, corrections, or general applications.

LED + Audio alarm or LED + Silent vibration alert when metal is detected, enabling the user a safer more tactical advantage Rugged all weather construction, ideal for use in extreme conditions. The battery compartment is located at the back of the detector and has a screw cap.

With a pinpointing tip more grateful sensitive, the probe is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of metallic objects.
LED flashlight assists in dark and low light conditions with independent flashlight switch and brightness adjustable.

  • Mini Pocket Security Hand-held Metal Detector

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Security metal probe expecially used in under shoes scan for security inspection and it is widely used in Airports, Government agencies, Jail system.

Performance and Characteristic:
  • Big activities and some important departments of access to security sector; in the high-end electronics factory, gold or silver jewelry factory anti-theft security and other security checking.

  • The little probe has a gentle appearance, easy and convenient to use, fast response and high sensitivity to detect metal and make sure which shoe hidden metal. Any Metal Amount above threshold values will cause an Audio-Visual Alarm with Bright Red LEDs on the Equipment.

  • Shoe Scan is able to detect full range of object sizes starting with objects such as Cardboard Knife, Guns, Gun Parts and possible bigger Metal Threats

  • Space Saving Compact Design Portable Detector for Standard Checkpoint Security Control Procedures
  1. Airports
  2. Correctional Facilities
  3. Transportation Terminals
  4. body and luggage or Small space detecting
  5. Public Buildings Private Buildings Schools
  6. Special Events Loss Prevention Nuclear Facilities
  7. Courthouses Corporate Historical Landmarks
1×9 volt block alkaline or Optional Rechargeable Li-ion battery 600mAh/80 Hours ( normall working )
Alarm indicator: Red LED+Buzzer or Red LED+Vibration alarm (in handle)
Power indicator: Green LED
Search sensor: Detection area that is the entire length, circumference and tip of the detection probe
Sensitivity: one coin detecting distance 4 cm at side and 3 cm on tip
Power Operation: On ⇒ LED+Buzzer alarm ⇒ LED+Vibration alarm ⇒ LED flashlight ⇒ Off Rugged pushbutton latching switch Ingress protection (dust and moisture protection and resistance): IP67
One body
High impact ABS

Detonator Distance Coin Distance Knife Distance Pistol Distance
Tip detecting
> 0.78 inch ( 2 cm )
Side detecting
> 1.28 inch ( 3 cm )
Tip detecting
> 1.28 inch ( 3 cm )
Side detecting
> 1.57 inch ( 4 cm )
Tip detecting
> 2 inch ( 5 cm )
Side detecting
> 2.4 inch ( 6 cm )
Tip detecting
> 2.8 inch ( 7 cm )
Side detecting
> 3.5 inch ( 8.5 cm )

Operating Temperatures: -30°F(-35°C) to 150°F(68°C)
Operating Frequency: 105kHz
1. Buzzer alarm ( waterproof model: Min sound output dB 70 )
2. Silent / Vibration ( Motor rpm 15000 )
3. LED Alert Lights Green: Power ON
Red: Alarm condition
Controls: Power switch ( ON - Buzzer - Vibration - LED flashlight - OFF )
Battery: 9V Battery or Li-ion  rechargeable battery 220-580mAh provides up to 10 - 40 hours of normal operation. on each 2 hour recharge
Dimensions: Length: 7.8" ( 190 mm)
Diameter: Probe end: 1.4cm (0.55 inches)
Handle End: 4 cm (1.6 inches)
Thickness: 0.12 inch (3mm) tapered to 0.08 inch ( 2 mm )
Scan Area: 3.14" ( 80 mm ) long; 360° plus tip
Unit N. Weight: 150g
Unit G. Weight: 270g ( with 9V Li battery, Nylon holster , PVC lock, Luxury Rope, gift box and battery charger)

Model ID
LED Flashlight
( beam - feet )
0.6 inch coin
On Land / Underwater buzzer
( dB )

MP-7.8W Yes Yes Yes Yes 30 on land 1.2 tip  
1.5 side
Waterproof used in rain 75
MP-7.8U Yes Yes Yes Yes 20 to water 1.5 tip  
2.0 side
Can underwater 30 feet 35
Cleaning Your MP-7.8
  1. To remove dried dirt, mud or other debris from your MP-7.8, simply hand-clean it with soap and water and a soft cloth.

  2. Do not use any type of abrasive or chemical cleaners which could scratch or erode the surface of your detector.
    The MP-7.8W is water resistant; however, avoid submerge the entire detector in water
    The MP-7.8U is underwater probe which can be clean in the water.
Warranty: 2 years
  1. International Customers outside Hong Kong must contact the retail outlet where their product was purchased to arrange for repair or warranty service.

  2. Pack the detector carefully and include full details concerning its problem as well as your name, address and telephone number.

  3. Ship to: Dealer and allow approximately one week for technicians to examine and replace new componet or we can send new probe during the warranty time.

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