Regulation Warranty Serial number Upgrade Return Policy Maintenance

Dealer must record serial number with destination, before shipping every time.
The dealer must sale probe in his own local market and controllable area to offer the best professional after sales service.
Physical storefront can demo and test the underwater probes

Thanks for your purchase metal probe. please contact with store owner and dealer for any question,
If dealer no solution or no reply or no replace after receiving return probe, please contact us for after sales services.

Note: if you do not want to return probes to replace new pinpointer, you should inform probe serial number and express mail tracking number and send probe photo and working video to us and we will send new probe to you within 10 days after receiving your feedback

Note we have no dealer or distributor on B2B or B2C website and we only send to dealer who has own local store and own website

  1. Sample:
    After receiving the samples cost and min. express delivery fee and paper work charge USD20, we can send samples to you.

  2. Quotation:
    We will send quotation when receiving your detail inquiry information as follows
    1. products name and model ID number,
    2. quantity you are interested in,
    3. your information: Name or Inc. Name or website Tel Fax email
    We will offer the price (including Freight) by email or Fax

  3. Shipment:
    We ship the products by Sea or Air or Express Post or send to your pointed forward agent, Negotiated

  4. Free Spare part or New Model Samples:
    2% worth Free new sample or Spare parts and order value over USD5000

  5. OEM:
    Yes you can place order by OEM style to get your own brand products and PVC logo cost USD1.00/PC

Warranty: ______year and according different items
We replace unqualified parts with qualified ones after receiving buyer's unqualified parts or photo at least,
We bear all cost of parts and vessel shipping or mail cost within the Nation of exporter

Please fulfil the Warranty card and email at: to us.

    Model Number: ( ID number ) ( name of the product )
    Serial Number: ( under the base of unit )
    Color Scheme: ( color name )
    Date of Purchase (if appl.) ( invoice date )

  • Retailers Location (if appl.) ( Street number, Name and address )

  • Customer
    Name (s):               
    zip code:               
    Purchase Date:               
    Purchased from: Web shopping / Retail Store / Other               

  • Keep this warranty card should you require warranty service please fill out the above information and
    submit it along with the product to we at the address shown on the box. conditions of __years (limited) warranty (enclosed).

  1. Product:
    Warranty period: __ year limited warranty on parts and labor as described below.
    Warranty exclusions: packaging, unit box (carrying case), user manual and          . additional exclusions are described below.
    we give the following warranty to the purchaser of the above described product if sold or distributed in          , only by an authorized dealer who holding the Original Invoice of the company which signed by Metal Probe Team
    The company warrants that the products is free, under normal use and maintenance, from any defects in materials or workmanship. If any defects are found after receipt of a warranty claim from the purchaser, metal probe factory will at its own discretion repair or replace the product specified above.
  2. Excluded from the warranty are the following:
    1. any defects or repairs caused by negligent use, abusive operation, accident, liquid spillage on the unit, improper installation or inappropriate use ad defined in the users manual.
    2. If the described product has been tampered with or modified, adjusted or repaired by anyone other than the company
    3. Damage caused to the product by the use of           products or           solutions not prescribed in the user's manual.
    4. Any replacement of changeable parts.
    5. Any cosmetic damage caused to the surface or exterior of the unit by normal wear and tear.
    6. Any damage caused by interfering electrical devices and/or high voltage transmission lines or lightning strikes
  3. Should the model:           fail to operate during t he warranty period, warranty service maybe obtained by taking the model:          , this limited warranty and proof of purchase to the authorized dealer where the products was purchased, or by sending it to:
  4. The warranty cannot be extended or modified by any authorized dealer, The purchaser is responsible for any cost of removal, reinstallation, transportation or insurance costs inquired with respect to a warranty claim.
    Corrections of defects or replacement of the unit at the expiration of the warranty period constitute completion of the obligations of the company or the authorized dealer to the purchaser with respect to the products.
  5. You will be asked to provide the whole or parts of the defective products, such as circuit board or core components. Our QC to test and study the Failure.
  6. This warranty is valid 2 years from purchase date. please do not forget to fill in the warranty card and return it to us, If making a warranty claim.

  • Metalprobe is developing very fast and you can upgrade to new models anytime.
    We will take the exchange board upgrade and replace old one to new model and end user please contact local dealer
  • Note:
    1. the dealer can get necessary products photoes and free web HTML code to paste in C2C website or own's website with dealer's contact information
    2. If you have bought ( any quantity ) from us, 2nd order you can get 10% discount
    3. dealer can ask for exchange model within warranty time, but need pay return cost and balance
    4. all models can upgrade and you need pay the balance and return freight
    5. dealer can upgrade purchased probes when out of warranty time
      ( we also can give best solution for old model which in your stock )
    Please contat us for detail information and policy

Return Policy
  1. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please follow the guidelines detailed below and we will be happy to help you to return your purchase.
  2. You may return any item for any reason within 30 days of receipt of shipment. All items must be unused and in their original packaging and must include all manuals, cords, warranty cards, etc. Items that have been used, installed, drilled, bent, scratched, or otherwise damaged are no longer in saleable condition and are not eligible for return.
    After 30 days of receipt of shipment, During the warranty time, we also return funds to dealer ( Unconditional )
    and return value = probe invoice value ÷ warranty time × remain days

  3. We will be refunded the original purchase price less the cost of original shipping ( please refer to the Express Post Charge on the website of UPS DHL TNT Fedex EMS ) will be deducted from your refund.
  4. The dealer or customer pays shipping for the return item
  5. All products covered by a manufacturer warranty during the warranty period must be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
So! unless you are sure the items marketable in your Controlled area, please purchase in small quantity such as one or three carton and order large quantity for big discount that's will depend on your sales ability and company power.

All return products must send by express mail service UPS DHL TNT Fexdex eg. and
Please keep post mail receipt for further tracking and send the tracking number to us

  • Please inform faulty probes Serial Number on the back of the circuit board for our QC tracking and
    accumulate faulty probes which can not maintenance and contact us within 2 years warranty time

    After received the returned probes, we will offer checking report within 30 days
    1. Quality problem we will send new one to users free of charge
    2. Misused probes we will repaired and the buyer pay the return shipping cost.

  • Note: Returned probe invoice value should be USD1.00/PC or NO value for customs import process and do not send: battery!!!, holster, charger, gift box,Just send probes and must close packing and every probe into one PVC bag. Normally 40PCs ( 7inch ) probes only 6KG! and measure weight is only 4.5KG when shipping by air!

  • Our metalprobe need professional tools and skill to repair the probe, please contact us for maintenance and technical support.


Both waterproof and underwater metal probes can be cleaned by water.
Note: We offer over 10 models and some probes are not underwater detecting, So do not fully put into water! unless your model is marked underwater

Serial number:

Model Specification Serial number Warranty period
MP-7.0W waterproof 066775 - 066792 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.8W waterproof 066751 - 066774 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.8W waterproof 067030 - 067049 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.8W waterproof 066871 - 066880 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.0W waterproof 067189 - 067191 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.0W waterproof 067311 - 067328 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.8W waterproof 067063 / 067180 2013.4 - 2015.4
MP-7.0W waterproof 067054 - 067057 2013.10 - 2015.10
MP-7.0W waterproof 066793 - 066794 2014.4 - 2016.4
MP-12W waterproof 066795 - 066796 2014.4 - 2016.4
MP2016A waterproof * 067250 - 067261 2016.3 - 2018.3
MP2016A waterproof 067304 - 067309 2016.4 - 2018.4
MP2016A waterproof * 067302 - 067303 2016.4 - 2018.4
MP2016C waterproof * 067262 - 067263 2016.5 - 2018.5

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Attention: all one LED
metal probes
stop produce since 2013
↑ expired or refurbished
one led flashlight probe
can replaced new model
shipping: USD30.00/PC